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Susan's Favorite Things: 
Still Point Inducer

The still point inducer is always my "go to" gadget to help people feel better.  I use mine every day (it lives on my night table) and it goes with me when I travel.  You can make a homemade one out of 2 tennis balls and a tube sock (instructions below) or you can buy one on Amazon.  Just search for "still point inducer by Upledger".  It comes with instructions and a CD containing delightfully soothing music. 

upledger spi image.jpg

Photo Credit:  Upledger Institute International

A still point inducer seems like it's just a massage tool to relax the neck muscles, which it does quite well, but the benefits go far deeper than that.  In encourages your central nervous system to "reboot" by gently and safely** causing a temporary pause in the production of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  "Rebooting" the central nervous system has an effect similar to rebooting your computer -- the system runs more smoothly and with less "glitches."  Obviously, this is an extreme oversimplification of a complex process, but you get the idea, and you'll likely be able to feel the benefits of using a still point inducer after a few tries.

A few FYIs -- At first, the still point inducer may feel a bit uncomfortable or weird.  This is normal.  Have patience.  If it actually hurts, stop using it, recheck the instructions on placement, and of course you're welcome to contact me with any questions.

** DO NOT use a still point inducer if your are unable to tolerate slight changes in intracranial pressure.  DO NOT use if you have recently had or are at imminent risk for stroke or aneurysm.  DO NOT use during the acute stages of stroke or head injury. DO NOT use on children under age 9.


Take 2 tennis balls and stuff them down into the toe of a tube sock.  Men's tube socks usually work best.  Tightly knot the sock so as to keep the 2 tennis balls from separating.  Place the sock inside of another tube sock and knot it tightly to make extra sure that the tennis balls won't separate.

Lay on your back, on a bed, sofa, or on the floor.  Place your still point inducer horizontally under your head so that the entire weight of your head rests on the 2 tennis balls.  The exact spot is at the slight horizontal depression in your skull just below where your skull sticks back the farthest.  The level is just slightly above that of your ear openings.  Rest in this spot for about 10 minutes or as feels best to you.

Disclaimer:  The material contained herein is for informational purposes only.  It does not constitute, nor does it replace, a professional medical consultation.

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