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"Therapy chose Susan and Susan embraced therapy. Susan is committed to providing a truly therapeutic experience for her clients; she performs all techniques with positive intentions. Every time I have been on Susan’s table I felt safe, and cared for.  The results have been truly inspirational for me. When Susan first told me about her experiences as a client and later as a student, I was happy for her, but I was still skeptical about how it could help me. Since Susan is a friend of mine and she believed in her practice with such conviction, I decided to give it a try. I was blown away with the experience, and after a few more sessions with her, I too began to study CranioSacral Therapy, and massage therapy. Susan is my inspiration and mentor and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to such a life fulfilling experience."

 “Massage and CST*, in my case, is part of my plan to remain healthy and pain free as I age (now 61 years old).  Along with healthy diet, yoga and regular exercise, I am also now able to address individual areas of concern with the massage/CST before they evolve into severe medical problems.  I talk to Susan about certain pain or tightness etc. and she has a suggestion for relief which so far has worked.”

 “I had experienced severe physical and emotional traumas throughout my life.  I didn’t think I would ever have relief from some of the residual damage.  Under her competent knowingness, Susan navigated my craniosacral system.  She worked non-invasively within my energy system and brought about powerful healing influences and at times emotional releases too numerous to mention.   The relief it brought was instantaneous.  It is something that you need to experience for yourself.” 

“My regular massage/CST with Susan is always a positive experience.  She provides a comfortable, nurturing environment for each session.  Her kind and sensitive approach makes it easy for me to relax and communicate meaningfully with her as she gives the massage or CST.  I have received both from her, although I more often have a full body massage.”

“Susan has used CST during several sessions to balance certain stresses due to my scoliosis.  I believe that this has helped relieve my back pain.  If I have other imbalances that she notices, she will use some CST to relieve the stress."

“Susan demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of massage therapy, muscle abnormalities, CST theory and practice.  She shares her knowledge with me as she works and I have found this to be very helpful in understanding my own body and what she is doing.  She is always prepared and on time.  Her kind manner elicits a sense of trust and well being during the treatment.”

“You don’t need to have a physical /emotional trauma in order to benefit from a session.   CranioSacral Therapy is another vital alternative for your health-enhancement and health maintenance options.  Without reservation, I highly recommend Susan Mathason to assist in your health enhancement endeavors.” 

"My CST experiences and sessions with Susan Mathason always had positive results.  She exhibits a relaxed professional confidence.  Her down to earth sense of humor, complimented by her compassionate style, creates an atmosphere of safety and genuine concern.  She is superbly skillful in finding areas of restricted movements that compromise your system within minutes.” 

“The benefits of receiving a craniosacral session with Susan are limitless. You will sense her respect from the first meeting.  The continuity of that respect is transferred into her gentlest touch.  She allows your body to lead her in order to make its own self-corrections.  This helps you deeply relax under her skillful care.” 

*CST = CranialSacral Therapy

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