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What do you do to keep your health and well-being in balance? 





“The benefits of receiving a craniosacral session with Susan are limitless. You will sense her respect from the first meeting.  The continuity of that respect is transferred into her gentlest touch.  She allows your body to lead her in order to make its own self-corrections.  This helps you deeply relax under her skillful care.” 


"My CST experiences and sessions with Susan Mathason always had positive results.  She exhibits a relaxed professional confidence.  Her down to earth sense of humor, complimented by her compassionate style, creates an atmosphere of safety and genuine concern.  She is superbly skillful in finding areas of restricted movements that compromise your system within minutes.” 

Enjoy your bodywork session in a quiet and totally private setting in Susan's Columbia, MD office. Contact Susan for address.

Please email Susan or fill out the form below to ask questions and/or schedule your free 10-minute phone consultation.

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